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Founded in 2010, the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) is a non-profit dedicated to documenting Indigenous, minority, and endangered languages, supporting linguistic diversity in New York City and beyond.

Featured Story

Featured Story
700 languages, 1200+ sites, 1 city

Drawing on a decade of research in collaboration with communities, ELA has created print and digital versions of the world's most linguistically diverse city (NYC), including 700 language varieties at over 1200 significant sites.

Featured Language

Featured Language
Nahuatl, an Indigenous language of Mexico

With approximately 1.5 million speakers in central Mexico, Nahuatl is one of the most widely-spoken indigenous languages of the Americas. During the 15th century at the height of the Aztec empire, Nahuatl served as the Aztecs’ principal language of administration, culture, and commerce.

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Closed this weekend

It’s been a busy summer! ELA’s house on Governors Island will be closed this weekend (August 7-8) for a little R&R, but we’ll be back next weekend (August 14-15).